• Patrick Smith


I love cartoons.

In terms of communication a cartoon is one of the best ways to get a message across – especially the four panel newspaper comic strip format. The way that they manage to create the background, setup and punchline in such a concise way is an incredible skill.

One of the business favourites for a number of years has been Dilbert (although I’ve personally gone off it after its creator, Scott Adams, came out in support of Donald Trump).

However, another great business cartoon is Alex. Set in the world of finance and banking it manages to perfectly set up the gag that it delivers in the fourth panel.

However, cartoons are not just great for business communications, they can also help you to explain / understand life. Two of my favourites in this category are Calvin and Hobbes – the story of a boy and his toy tiger; and a new(ish) one called Lunarbaboon.

What's your favourite cartoon?

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