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Have Fun

I had a busy day in London last week and when I got back there was some post for me.

I opened it and it was some marketing materials from InstantPrint. There were a couple of flyers and a bit off information about discounts or whatever, but what really caught my eye were the postcards.

They made me smile.

How often can you say that about direct mail? How often do you even stop and read something before you just put it in the bin.

Direct mail obviously works or businesses wouldn’t keep on doing it. In fact direct mail is the original digital marketing - in that it could be accurately measured, tweaked and optimised. One downside of that was that for a while what was optimised about direct mail was the cost of the mail sent to you. We’ve all received the pieces that are printed on paper so thin it almost rips in your hand as you try to read it. That’s because if the mailing could save a couple of pennies per item, yet still receive the same response rate the RoI (return on investment) would increase dramatically.

Thankfully, for now at leat, we seem to be past those days and instead we get nice pieces like this one from InstantPrint.

I didn’t respond, I haven’t bought from them due to this mailing, but I did smile, I have remembered them fondly and they will be my go to printers the next time I have a requirement.

Many marketers avoid humour in their communications. And it can be tricky area to get right. Humour doesn’t always translate and you can turn people off if you get it wrong. However, that doesn’t preclude having fun. Marketing communications don’t always need to be a straight-faced way of getting your message across. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your brand.

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