• Patrick Smith


I’ve recently been working with someone on the branding for One of the phrases I used was ‘Marmite’. I said, “I’m happy to be Marmite.” And what I meant was that I’m happy for some people to not like me.

Firstly, what great marketing by Marmite that we are all still using that phrase and we even know it by the simple shorthand of ‘Marmite’.

But secondly, from a marketing perspective it is good practice. The aim of marketing is to find the people for whom your service / product is attractive. You won’t be able to sell to all of them, but you will only be able to sell to that group.

The effectiveness of marketing is in doing this as efficiently as possible. One of the ways of being efficient is to not talk to people that will never buy from you. Hence the Marmite.

From a personal point of view, if people aren’t going to buy from me I’d like them to self-select quickly and not for them to ask me for meetings, collateral and quotes before not buying for me.

Of course none of this means that you need to be rude or unprofessional - but just that you need to make what it is you do / stand for very clear so that not only do you attract the right people, but so that you don’t attract the wrong people.

So get lost!!

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