• Patrick Smith

Never Knowingly Oversmiled

Chatting to a friend of mine recently and we were talking about meeting clients, winning business etc. One of the things i said was that I wanted to make sure I was ‘me’. I didn’t want to have to present a false persona to win new clients.

It was partly to do with the Marmite thing I’ve blogged about earlier - that if someone is going to say no, it’s better for all concerned if they say no straight away.

This is me smiling - you can see why I don't do it very often!

Anyway, being me sounds like a good idea in theory, but I have what can be politely called a ‘serious’ face. I sometimes have a twinkle in my eye and if you get me talking about marketing (or open water swimming) then I can talk with passion and enthusiasm, but I don’t naturally smile a lot.

I’m not miserable, but very few people would accuse me of looking ‘happy’ very often.

Anyway, the phrase I came up with was that I’m “Never Knowingly Oversmiled.” I think that sums it up quite nicely.

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