• Patrick Smith

Perfect Client

I’ve recently had a client end its contract with me. That’s actually a rare admission for a consultant, but it happens, so let’s not pretend it doesn’t.

They did it because they’ve updated their internal processes for marketing, but to be honest it’s a situation that is disappointing, but not altogether surprising. It’s been my job to try and create new copy for them and they’ve just been too busy to sign it off – which of course has made it look like there’s been little output.

So now I’ve got availability for a new client, I thought I’d try and work out what the perfect client would be.

And in the end I realised that there is no perfect client. If people know exactly what they want from marketing, then they probably wouldn’t need me. What I want is to go into imperfect situations and to help the client make them better. To provide people with a marketing framework and the tools and processes to deliver the output themselves.

If you want to work with a consultant, but worry that you won’t be the perfect client – don’t worry, no client is. But to be fair there isn’t a perfect consultant either. What you need to find is the best fit – in terms of expertise, output, timing, budget and finally, personality. If they ‘feel right’, then that’s as close to perfect as you can expect.

Image by Jonathan Hoxmark and downloaded from Unsplash.

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