Mindful Marketing Services

I offer clients a strategic marketing resource, working as an outsourced Marketing Director.


Mindful Marketing is about taking the time to stop and consider what you are doing and creating plans based on strategic thought. The key areas for that strategic thought are the 4 'M's:

  • Market

    • Who it is exactly that you want to reach​

  • Message

    • What it is that you want to say to them​

  • Media

    • The places and tactics that you need to use ​

  • Metrics

    • How you measure and improve the performance




A project that will establish a strategic marketing plan for you. It involves:

  • Introductory Meeting - a 1 hour preliminary meeting for us to meet and for me to outline the following process in more detail

  • Customers - a 2 hour guided session to determine the ideal customers to target with the marketing

    • OUTPUT - Following this session, I will create 3 'biographies' of the ideal customer, so that we always have an individual in mind when creating marketing activities


  • Your Voice - a 2 hour guided session to understand your tone of voice and what you want and need to say and communicate to the world 

    • OUTPUT - Following this session, I will create your boilerplate messaging and a short, descriptive phrase that you can use to underpin all marketing activities


  • Activity Audit - I will audit your current marketing activities to determine how well they are working and how well they deliver against the strategic plans

    • OUTPUT - an Activity Plan for your in-house marketing resource to put into action


  • Feedback - I will present back to you, your senior team and your marketing team the results of the process and the marketing action plan


Fee - £1,950*

*Based on video calls. If face-to-face meetings are involved travel and accommodation expenses (if required) will be charged on top





If you would like further support once your marketing plan has been created, then I can help to provide an ongoing support role, or to manage large marketing projects for you.

  • Ongoing Support - to help you put the action plan in place and to ensure that you remain mindful, I will hold regular, hour-long follow up meetings (e.g. weekly or monthly), to offer advice, tips, suggestions and practical help as required

    • £150 per meeting - £750 for 6 meetings booked in advance

  • Project Management - for large projects that need to be undertaken (e.g. new website, written collateral etc) then I can project manage all aspects to allow your in-house resource to focus on day-to-day marketing requirements

    • Bespoke based on requirements